Three Key Factors to a Successful 2014

Today I am wishing all a prosperous remainder of the year. In order to be consistently successful during the course of this year I have listed three key factors to keep in mind that I discuss in The Hidden Curriculum “Life Lessons You Won’t Learn in a Classroom”.

Life is a Hustle – You do not wake up in the morning to compete against others in the classroom or at work, but to compete against everyday society. Thus, in essence you are hustling. You are hustling to perform in your job and to be the best you can be! Hustle also means to be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings; to convey or cause to move; to urge, produce, or speed up. Therefore, with this new frame of reference, life is a hustle. You must move forward with a sense of urgency.

Think Without Boxes – Thinking outside the box means that you have preconceived notions that are still haunting your creativity.  Thinking by definition is a mental action and thus, has no parameters. It is endless.  By embracing this view of thinking, you can move beyond the barriers that have been put in front of you and realize your full potential.  Thinking without boxes allows creativity and ingenuity to begin to fill your life, which will ultimately lead to success.

Lead Yourself to Lead Others – In order to lead, a leader must first learn to lead themselves.  Many of us are guilty of telling others what they need to do to change or better themselves, yet we are not willing to follow our own advice.  By realizing what motivates ourselves, we can begin to understand what motivates others.  By changing our ourselves, we will be able to change others.

 “Many times within our lives we have those life experiences that can either become a stepping stone or stumbling block. It’s what we learn from those experiences that will mold and guide us for the near future. I want to encourage you that no matter what is happening within your life presently, the best is yet to come.”

May the Rest of your Life be the Best of Your Life!!

Dr.Rubin Cockrell


2 Responses

  1. Hi Rubin you may not remember me but this is Shaun Reginas daughter your grandmother was my baby sitter and my brother is Daryl. I am happy to see that you have made a success of your self. I just found out about your book and will be getting it to read for both me and my son who is niw seventeen and need a positive outlook. Congratulations and may your success continue. God bless. Hope to hear from you.

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