Life is a Hustle!

The word hustle brings forth negative connotations within our society.  By definition, hustle means to push or force one’s way, jostle or shove; to obtain by aggressive or illicit means; to beg, solicit, or swindle.   I take a different perspective with these meanings.  Think about it?  You wake up every day trying to get your kids up, trying to go to school, or getting yourself prepared for work.  You do this not necessarily to compete against others in the classroom or at work, but to compete against everyday society.  Thus, in essence you are hustling.  You are hustling to perform in your job, to be the best you can be!  Hustle also means to be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings; to convey or cause to move; to urge, produce, or speed up.  Therefore, with this new frame of reference, life is a hustle.  You must move forward with a sense of urgency.


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