Who is Dr.Rubin Cockrell?

                                                          Who is Dr.Rubin Cockrell?

Dr.Rubin Cockrell’s purpose is to educate, enrich and enhance people’s lives so that they may achieve their goals. My motto is “Failure is not an Option, Excuses are Unacceptable and Excellence should be a Way of Life”. I developed my purpose and motto based upon personal life experiences that I learned in the classroom of life.

I  enjoy empowering people to reach their fullest potential from the street to the élite, from the classroom to the boardroom. I am a Professor, Author and Business Owner.

In my spare time I simply enjoys spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy sporting events, karaoke, and love to travel. I challenge each and everyone of you to have a wonderful week!



6 Responses

  1. As long as we have been friends, I didn’t know you love karaoke. That is too funny! You need to come to Japan because that is a past time. I enjoy it too. 😉

  2. i was very motivated and inspired when i listen to you
    speak with CeCe.

  3. Dr. Cockrill,

    You and I have similar mottos. In the summer program where I teach, the motto for my 5 and 6th graders is “Anything less than your best is unacceptable.” What inspired your journey?

    • My journey was inspired by our ancestors,family and individuals who I considered agents of change who made a difference in my life. I am a firm believer that inspiration without application is a waste of energy.

      • Who would you credit for your successes this far? And. if given the opportunity how would you thank them?

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